Sunday, October 5, 2008

You can go home again, or anywhere else you want to (for that matter).

After six years, I think I am done with the store. Like, done. Over it. Restless. I have laughed, cried, sweat, and fumed. I always said that I would do it until it wasn't fun anymore. It's not fun anymore. I told a friend that I am even over being introduced as the "owner of Serendipity." It's a heady trip to have people know who you are, I sh*t you not. I love, love, love my customers and their children. I think I will miss them. However, the ones that mean the most to me have become "friends". They will (hopefully) always be in my life in some capacity.

It's not an economy thing. It isn't even a "cancer " thing. I didn't have some great epiphany due to having had cancer. I did, however, become a tad bit selfish. Not in a "take no prisoners" way, but a good way. This year, I have made a point to live like I never have, and while it has eaten away at a fair amount of disposable income, it has been worth it. There is so much that I want to do, and things I don't want to have to do. I want to travel. I want time to paint furniture. I want to finally use the $12,000 worth of scrapbook supplies that I have. I want to take off with friends without checking to see if anyone can work for me. I want to give a shot at my own line of custom linens. I want to see Pearl Jam, even if they are playing in Kathmandu. Which actually seems more likely than Atlanta anytime soon. Life is too damn short to waste one moment doing something that doesn't fulfill you and make you more whole.

Owning your own business is like having a child with ADHD. I know, as I have one of those, too. However, owning a business is all work and very little love. I have always been lucky enough to have wonderful employees, but I don't see the point in owning something if you aren't "present". Lately, when I am there, I just can't wait to be somewhere else. Point blank--you have to work in your store for it to succeed.

So, looking on towards early 2009, Fayette County may have to find a new children's boutique. Sure, there will be someone to come along thinking, "Oh, I know I can do it better than they did." Go for it. I want this for ME, my family and my friends. I went into this thing with a 2-year old child who I had childcare for, great finances, and (what I think) was a real knack for it. I know a lot of people who think, "Ooooo, clothes for my kid at wholesale." Yeah, right. If you have a check for 210K, I have a store for you to work that theory out on.

I guess pretty soon you can just introduce me as "Krista. Mom to Cooper, wife to Todd. Friend of many." Oh, and "she rocks just cause."

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Natalie said...

you are so damn cute...I'm coming up for a new introduction for you....I will let you know as soon as it's perfect. I am sure it will be great!!