Friday, January 16, 2009

So much drama in the LBC.

Okay, so yeah--I still have the store. So much for resolutions. I am going to kick it for a while, and see what happens. I mean, can it get worse? I just snorted coffee out my nose.

Here's what I've been doing--singing. I am not sure that I "can", but I do. Anywhere, anytime, no matter who is present. It ranges from Crystal Gayle to Snoop Dog. I am working on my Phish version of "Gin & Juice" as we speak. Cooper keeps popping his head out to see what I am singing. Usually on the word "bitch" or "ho".

I once had a boyfriend for 4 full years, and I don't think he ever heard me sing. Now I have a fantabulous, fun husband who tolerates all of my bullshit and my singing. In the last two years, I have sang in front of more people than I feel comfortable admitting, but it has been a blast. Having had cancer gives you a "don't give a shit" mentality. Some examples:

At a friend's house, in front of complete strangers: "Baba O'Riley". The Pearl Jam version, complete with tambourine bruises.

At Atlanta Motor Speedway, with a great companion: "Picture". Very drunk, caught on cell phone, and NOT pretty.

At another friend's house, with no strangers: "On the Tit", an original by myself and Pat Dennis.

In Pat's barn, with a bunch of accomplished musicians, who looked at me with a slight tinge of horror: "Gin & Juice", the Phish version. This will be my new mantra. Do not attempt to hang out with me when there are instruments present if you do not want to hear me sing this song.

I am no longer taking guitar lessons. Todd has never taken a lesson, and he plays about 10,000 times better than me. I figure I can learn on my own. Know any voice coaches?